The Rising American Electorate

Accounts for all People of Color, Unmarried Women, and Young voting eligible Americans. Demographic data is from 2018.

The Rising American Electorate

People of Color

Accounts for all non-white, voting eligible Americans.

People of Color Rising American Electorate

Unmarried Women

Accounts for all unmarried, voting eligible American women.

Unmarried Women Rising American Electorate

Young People

Accounts for all voting eligible Americans, ages 18-30.

Young People Rising American Electorate

We are truly rising.

In 2016, for the first time in history, the Rising American Electorate comprised the majority (52.6%) of people who voted.

We are truly rising.

In 2018, turnout increased dramatically, including among the Rising American Electorate.

We are turning out in record numbers.

2018 Rising American Electorate Voter Turnout by State

5.5 Million Voters Helped

Since 2003, the Voter Participation Center has helped 5.5 million voters register and get to the polls.**

42% of us move between election years

That means we have to do more to keep up with our voter registration, which is tied to our address. That’s where VPC comes in. We bring democracy to people’s doorsteps.

We’re not done yet.

We’ve been conducting polling of the Rising American Electorate since 2003. The issues we care about. Why we vote. And what we’re doing to make our democracy stronger.


LRP: Survey of Young Unmarried Women and Women of Color in Battleground States


Hart Research: Politics of Identity and Othering in 2020 Election


Dial Meter Reactions to Biden and Trump’s Acceptance Speeches


Biden’s Speech Produces Impressive Gains

We want a government that represents us.

When we register and vote, we make sure our government represents all of us.
My Vote is for the American Dream
My Vote is for Clean Water & a Livable Climate
My Vote is for Healthcare
My Vote is for Higher Wages
My Vote is for Justice for All

*Total data shown for 2020, but demographic breakdowns are from 2018 Census data, based on a total population of 142 million members of the Rising American Electorate.
**Combined lifetime efforts of the Voter Participation Center, Center for Voter Information and predecessor/partner organizations.