AARC x VPC: Survey of Black Voter Sentiment and Behavior Around Voting by Mail

VPC partnered with the African American Research Collaborative on an online and phone survey on Black voter sentiment and behavior with regard to voting by mail. The survey examined how Black voters feel about voting generally (do they plan to vote, previous voter turnout history, etc.), how they feel about voting by mail (do they trust it, what aspects of the process concern them, etc.), and what messages and messengers would motivate them to vote by mail (what messengers are most credible, what issues are most motivating, etc.). Outlined below are the key takeaways from the survey and recommendations for communicating to Black voters around voting by mail. 

In addition to the full toplines survey data below, please see documents attached that include a summary of key takeaways from the survey, as well as AARC’s recommendations for how to leverage the survey results to improve Black voter engagement with voting by mail.