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Since 2003, we’ve helped register more than 3.5 million American voters through our pioneering mail and online voter registration programs. In 2016 alone, we helped register almost a million – and we’re just getting started.

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The Rising American Electorate—unmarried women, people of color, and millennials—are now the majority of eligible voters. With our groundbreaking research on voter mobilization and issue engagement, we’ve pioneered new ways to get them to the polls.

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March 27, 2017|Voting Rights

Election Day in the GA-6 special election is April 18, 2017 – but registered voters across the district are already casting their ballots!

Early Voting locations are below; visit the Georgia Secretary of State for further information.

It’s time to Get Out The Vote! COBB COUNTY

1 MAIN OFFICE 736 Whitlock Ave.

March 16, 2017|Voter Participation Data Center Posts
On March 16, the Trump administration issued their budget proposal for fiscal year 2018. The Trump budget increases spending on defense and homeland security by making big cuts to domestic spending priorities — cuts that will primarily hurt working- and middle-class Americans, especially unmarried women, people of color, and young people.

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Get the latest updates on the ongoing struggle to defend voting rights and make it easier to vote.