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States: Louisiana
August 24, 2017|Voting Rights

From ReThink Democracy, a rundown of all the good news for democracy over the past week.

March 24, 2016

We’re pleased to announce that we’re mailing more than 4 million registration applications in March to prospective voters in 20 states, spanning coast to coast. In partnership with key national allies, we’re helping unregistered eligible voters participate in our democracy.

“There are about 53 million people of color, unmarried women, and millennials who are not currently registered to vote,” said Page Gardner, our president and CEO.

March 4, 2016|Voter Participation Data Center Posts

This weekend, five states — Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, and Nebraska — are holding primaries or caucuses for one or both parties. Learn about the impact of the Rising American Electorate in these five states.

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