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July 20, 2017|Voting Rights
“Every time voter fraud occurs, it cancels out the vote of a lawful citizen, and undermines democracy. Can’t let that happen. Any form of illegal or fraudulent voting, whether by non-citizens or the deceased, and any form of voter suppression or intimidation must be stopped,” said Trump.
July 20, 2017|Voting Rights
In the midst of ongoing efforts to make it harder for Americans to cast a ballot, voter turnout among the Rising American Electorate faces an additional headwind: the historical trend of large declines in voter participation between presidential and midterm elections. But we can turn the tide by doubling down on voter registration and GOTV and resisting attacks on our right to vote. Read more about our latest study with Lake Research Partners.
July 18, 2017|Voting Rights

Ahead of Wednesday’s meeting of the Pence-Kobach commission, Page Gardner, president of the Voter Participation Center, issued the following statement:

“Even before its first meeting this week, the Pence-Kobach Commission has driven thousands of eligible voters in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and other states to deregister.  The intrusive request from the Commission, and the even broader, under-the-radar demand from the Department of Justice, for not publicly available voter data is alarming to any American who values privacy, security and the integrity of our election system.  But our response cannot be to make it easier for them to accomplish their true aim – which is to legitimize policies that prevent eligible voters from participating in our democracy.  The answer is to stay registered, encourage others to register, and to recognize that voting is a powerful act of resistance.

The Commission is filled with people – like Kris Kobach and Hans von Spakovsky — who have a history of erecting barriers for eligible voters and targeting minority voters.  Kobach is involved with several lawsuits about his efforts to suppress voters and we applaud  Representatives Cummings, Conyers, Thompson and Brady for their efforts to remove Kobach from the Commission.

July 18, 2017|Voting Rights

Liz Kennedy and Danielle Root write in their new report on the impact of documentary proof of citizenship and illegal voter purges:

“The ability to cast a ballot freely is key to having our voices heard and exercising control over our government.

July 13, 2017
The Senate’s health care bill just become even more devastating for every child and adult in America – except for the one percent. We urge Senators to scrap this bill and work with all members of Congress to find solutions that address real problems in our healthcare system – like rising premiums – to ensure that women, children and everyone in America gets the care they deserve.
July 13, 2017|Voting Rights

Deborah Barfield Berry writes in USA Today:

Democrats called President Trump’s election commission a “sham’’ and a waste of taxpayer’s money and introduced a bill Wednesday to block funding for the panel.

“This is a fraud,” said Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. “It is a sham.”

Earlier this year, Trump set up a commission to study allegations of voter fraud in last year’s presidential election.

July 13, 2017|Voting Rights
Scott Lemieux writes in Reuters: “Whatever else can be said about the Republican Senate health care bill, it cannot be accused of pandering.”
July 13, 2017|Voting Rights
“We don’t have a problem of too many people showing up to vote. We have a problem of too few people showing up to vote.”
July 12, 2017|Voting Rights
A new law forbids District elections officials from complying with Trump’s voter-fraud investigation.
July 12, 2017|Voting Rights
Trump’s election commission has been a disaster. It’s going exactly as planned.

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