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Statement: Texas Voter Purge Is an Attempt to Deny Basic Rights

January 28, 2019

“Texas’s claim calling into question the citizenship status of 95,000 registered voters appears to be an intentional attack meant to intimidate potential new voters and deny people their basic right to vote. It’s no coincidence that many of the same Texas voters who nearly propelled an underdog to victory in a statewide race for the first time in more than two decades are the ones whose citizenship is under scrutiny. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Secretary of State David Whitley’s shameful, undemocratic attempt to alarm the public and strip citizens of their voting rights fits right in with the Lone Star State’s history of disenfranchising voters through strict and unnecessary voter ID laws. Let’s keep in mind state databases are often filled with errors and outdated information, which may provide a more innocent explanation for the Texas findings. Even the President’s short-lived voter fraud commission found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. In Texas and nationwide, we should be doing more to ensure people can utilize their basic rights, like voting, instead of ginning up fear and exaggerating about the facts.”



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