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Unmarried Women Are A Pillar of First-Time Homeowners

June 1, 2018

This June, the Voter Participation Center is celebrating National Homeownership Month and the unmarried women who account for 18 percent of all homeowners. Single women are more than twice as likely to own their home than single men according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors.

Page Gardner, president and founder of the Voter Participation Center, said, “Unmarried women are major contributors to our economy as first-time home buyers, sole household decision makers, or chief breadwinners. Unfortunately, government policies often hurt the ability of these women to contribute to our economy. They don’t recognize unmarried women’s contributions to the economic strength of this country.

“Current policies fail to provide these unmarried women with economic support through equal pay, expanding access to health care, and affordable child care for working single mothers. Unmarried women have immense political power as 26 percent of the voting eligible population, but they don’t vote in numbers representative of their population strength. For unmarried women to make sure the policies they value are represented in Congress and in state legislatures, they need to vote this November.”


The Voter Participation Center recently released a report titled, “Unmarried Women in America: Cornerstone of our Democracy,” that highlights the policies and values important to the 58 million unmarried women in the U.S. who are one of the fastest growing demographic groups. Between 2004 and 2016, the percentage of unmarried women in the population grew by two percentage points, and the percentage of married women dropped by two points.

The report found this powerful demographic is less likely to register or vote than married women, with one in three unmarried women currently not registered. VPC predicts that one in three unmarried women who voted in 2016 are not expected to vote in the November 2018 midterm elections. While married women register and turnout at higher rates than unmarried women, unmarried women have more at stake on the future of economic policies, such as housing, healthcare, and social safety net programs.


The Voter Participation Center registers and mobilizes the Rising American Electorate – unmarried women, people of color, and young people. VPC has registered nearly four million people since 2004 and works to inspire unmarried women and other underrepresented groups to increase their civic engagement and permanently change the American electorate.   



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