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To Win in Midterm Elections, Turnout Is Key

September 28, 2017

Steve Phillips from The Nation writes about our recent study with Lake Research Partners:

“Many people believe that the outcome of midterm elections depends on the ideological profile of the candidates who are running. Moderate candidates appeal to swing voters who might be rethinking their presidential vote, conventional wisdom goes. But the outcome of non-presidential year elections depends in large part on voter turnout. And this reality combined with a new report from the Voter Participation Center and Lake Research amounts to a bright, flashing warning sign for Democrats heading into the 2018 election cycle. Absent significant course corrections by progressives, the turnout of people of color and progressive whites is likely to fall dangerously low next year, scuttling the golden opportunity to recapture control of the body that can impeach a president.”

Read the entire article here.


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