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Trump’s war on voters has a long history: We need a grassroots voting-rights movement to fight back

August 8, 2017

John Atlas and Peter Dreier writing for

Trump and his minions have ramped up the attack, but the “voter fraud” myth goes back to the GOP’s attack on ACORN

Donald Trump’s war on voting rights, like much of his behavior, is rooted in revenge. After the November election, Trump tweeted that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” fraudulently voted for Hillary Clinton. According to Trump, an unprecedented and truly astonishing amount of fraud was committed in the 2016 election — and no officials noticed. Without any evidence, he’s repeated accusations that nefarious groups organized non-citizens, dead people, and citizens registered in multiple states to engage in a huge voting scandal. He has even set up a commission – which held its first public meeting last month — to scour the country looking for evidence of illegal voting. Read more here.


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