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Sherrilyn Ifill exposes the absurdity of Trump’s election integrity commission

July 13, 2017

Jonathan Capeheart writes in the Washington Post:

“We don’t have a problem of too many people showing up to vote. We have a problem of too few people showing up to vote.”

Leave it to Sherrilyn Ifill to succinctly expose the absurdity of President Trump’s election integrity commission. As president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), Ifill is supposed to protect the right to vote from suppression efforts. Her job became more urgent after the Supreme Court invalidated a key provision of the Voting Rights Act in its 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision.

In the latest episode of “Cape Up,” I ask Ifill about two claims by Trump that seem to form the foundation of the election integrity commission. One is that there is widespread voter fraud. The other is that 3 million undocumented immigrants cast ballots in the last presidential election. “No, it’s not true,” she said. “Trump being Trump, he takes it to the highest level. He doubles down, triples down, exponentially expands it.” As for the 3 million number, Ifill told me, “It was a number that was going to demonstrate to everyone that, in fact, he won the popular vote over Hillary Clinton, which he did not.”

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