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Report: Texas plagued by voting problems last year

June 19, 2017

Yet another reminder that the true intent – and effect – of Texas’ restrictive voting laws is to disenfranchise voters:

Voting in Texas was plagued by long lines, issues with registration and voter ID, and intimidation, hitting blacks and Latinos hardest, a new report finds.

Released Thursday by the Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP), the report underscores how Texas voters face challenges that go well beyond the voter ID law that has generated national attention. And it makes clear that, despite state Republicans’ focus on stopping fraud, the number of eligible voters currently being kept from the polls by a range of issues is exponentially greater than the number of fraudulent votes.

Last year, Texas saw an increase of over 800,000 voters compared to the two previous presidential elections, thanks to a growing population, especially Hispanics. But its voting system appears to have failed to keep pace.

From the discriminatory photo ID law to the numerous issues with voter registration, Texans deserved better,” Beth Stevens, TCRP’s voting rights director, said in a statement.

Excerpt from; read the full report (PDF) at Texas Civil Rights Project.


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