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This Fourth of July, Protect the Vote… Don’t Suppress It.

June 30, 2017

The following is a statement from Page Gardner, founder and president of the Voter Participation Center:

“It’s disappointing that on the weekend we celebrate America’s Declaration of Independence, the House is considering shutting down the Election Assistance Commission, which works to improve election systems and provide states with the support they need to hold accurate and secure elections, while the Pence-Kobach Election Integrity Commission—which was created to protect the president’s discredited claim that millions of people voted illegally—continues to work to undermine our voting system by unnecessarily demanding voter rolls from every state. Add to that the fact that the chief spreader of the voter fraud myth, Hans von Spakovsky, has been appointed to the misnamed Election Integrity Commission, and we have further proof that this administration is not serious about ensuring ‘one person, one vote’ or delivering on the promise of majority rules.

If we were truly committed to improving our elections, we would adopt policies that make it more convenient for people to register to vote. We would work to make sure voters understand the issues and know how and where to vote. And we would secure our voting infrastructure so no one can tamper with it and lead us to doubt election results.

We applaud the secretaries of state who have refused to share their voters’ personal data with the Pence-Kobach Commission and won’t aid their effort to add barriers to the ballot. If we’re going to get serious about fixing our voting system, Congress must live up to the idea in the Declaration that governments derive their powers from the consent of the governed. And they can start by making sure the Election Assistance Commission is fully funded.”


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