Testing Mail Messaging and Packaging

The VPC has spent significant time researching what motivates people to register to vote as well as to turn out to vote. After learning that the RAE do not want political messaging included with their registration application or vote by mail application, the VPC created and uses some of “the ugliest pieces” of direct mail ever.

VPC testing has opened up a whole new approach to direct mail for registration, vote-by-mail and turnout. Essentially, the VPC has learned that simple, black and white creatives for applications, as well as some programs using letter format, are far more effective than the formats used in 99% of all political mail. When it comes to voter registration, vote by mail and traditional turnout strategies, many conventional approaches need to be rethought. Voting is a civic duty and calling on social normative behavior is a key to the success in turning out people to vote.

  • Voter Turnout Mail: The VPC helped pioneer new approaches to GOTV mail based, in part, on making voters aware that whether or not they vote is a matter of public record. These tactics have dramatically lowered the cost to produce a net additional voter and, more importantly, have enabled the VPC to expand coverage of the targeted electorate.