Unmarried Women and the Economy

The Gender and Marriage Gap in Earnings

Unmarried women face constant challenges; their disproportionately small paychecks give rise to other issues that impact their everyday lives. With the economy continuing to be at the forefront of voters’ minds, those concerned with helping the most economically-distressed Americans would be well advised to listen to unmarried women and understand how correcting this disparity can have real impacts in all areas of their lives. Read the latest research brief from Celinda Lake and Page Gardner.

The Power of Unmarried Women

A presentation from Lake Research Partners and the Voter Participation Center, “The Power of Unmarried Women” (PDF) discusses the largest segment of the Rising American Electorate, unmarried women, and the deciding role they could play in the 2012 election and in years to come.

Unmarried Women in the Marketplace

Women on their own are the fastest growing demographic in America, and frequently are the fastest growing cohort in new purchases.

Unmarried Women and Income Disparity

A recent memo explains that pay inequity exists not only between men and women, but also between unmarried and married women.

Overlooked So Far: The Nation’s Unmarried Women in 2008 — A New Agenda to Build Opportunity

Outlines the steps that leaders, particularly the next president, should take to address the needs of unmarried women.

The Other Half: Unmarried Women, Economic Well-Being and the Great Recession

Examines the impacts of the ongoing economic downturn on unmarried women and recommended policy remedies.

Advancing the Economic Security of Unmarried Women

Explores pending federal legislation that would greatly improve the economic security of unmarried women.