VPC Responds to Richmond Times Dispatch

Every four years, the presidential election provides a huge and unique opportunity to expand the voting universe. Americans excited by the once every-four-year election are more likely to register to vote than in other years.  And that’s an opportunity we’ve seized at the Voter Participation Center. Since September 2011, we have mailed out almost 7 […]

It’s Not News that Dogs Can’t Vote; The Real Story is About People Who Can’t

Statement by Page Gardner, president and founder of the Voter Participation Center: The mission of the Voter Participation Center (VPC) is to register qualified voters – NOT dogs and cats.  Pets cannot submit voter registration applications and they cannot vote – which seems to be news to some people, given all the attention some small […]

Statement from Page Gardner, Founder and CEO of The Voter Participation Center, about Georgia Registration Effort

Voter registration applications sent to unregistered Georgians by the Voter Participation Center (VPC) were official state forms which were included in a mail package approved by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office.  The VPC ,which has been mailing registration applications to Georgia voters since 2006 and has helped register numerous Georgians to vote, and worked with Kristen […]

Statement from Page Gardner, Founder and President of the Voter Participation Center, about Mozart the dog

We are facing a crisis in our democracy. Over 35% of all Americans – more than 73.5 million – are unregistered to vote. And, for every citizen who is unregistered and does not participate, our democracy is weaker. In addition, some state officials across the country are trying to deny this basic right to millions […]

Non-Partisan Voter Engagement Group Releases Humorous Video To Highlight False Claims around Voter Registration

STATEMENT BY THE VOTER PARTICIPATION CENTER Non-Partisan Voter Engagement Group Releases Humorous Video To Highlight False Claims around Voter Registration Cat Video De-Claws Baseless Claims of Fraud The non-partisan Voter Participation Center (VPC) today released a short web video to call attention to the silly environment that conservatives have created as they try to prevent […]

Statement from Mission Control RE: Colorado Voter Registration Effort

February 24, 2012 To Whom it May Concern: In the course of printing approximately one million voter registration forms for the Voter Participation Center, including 17,000 in the state of Colorado, our printer made two errors that lead to incomplete voter registration forms being sent to individuals in Colorado.  Because an imaging head was incorrectly […]

Statement by Page Gardner, President, The Voter Participation Center RE: Colorado Voter Registration Effort

STATEMENT BY PAGE GARDNER, PRESIDENT, VOTER PARTICIPATION CENTER RE: COLORADO VOTER REGISTRATION EFFORT FEBRUARY 24, 2012   In the course of mailing more than one million voter registration applications to 27 states this week, a printer’s mistake was made that affected the 17,291 applications sent to Colorado.  Immediately after being informed by the Colorado Secretary […]

Frequently Asked Questions About the Voter Participation Center’s Mailings

Here are some frequently asked questions about our work along with some answers to questions about a recent mailing the Voter Participation Center did to the Rising American Electorate in Wisconsin. WHO WE MAIL APPLICATIONS TO Q. Who is the target audience of VPC’s mailings? We reach out to unregistered unmarried women, people of color […]

Statement by Page Gardner RE: Wisconsin Voter Registration Effort

STATEMENT BY PAGE GARDNER RE: WISCONSIN VOTER REGISTRATION EFFORT VOTER PARTICIPATION CENTER FEBRUARY 22, 2012   On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, The Voter Participation Center was contacted directly by the Wisconsin Government Accountability (GAB) Board with disturbing news that may impact nearly 75,000 prospective voters hoping to exercise their legal right to register by mail […]

Voter Participation Center Statement on Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Actions

February 21, 2012 Statement by Page S. Gardner, President, Voter Participation Center: “The voting rights of nearly 75,000 prospective voters in Wisconsin may be threatened if the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board refuses to process voter registration forms that are sent directly to them and that are federally approved for use in Wisconsin. Despite the legitimacy […]